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Articles-Medical Billing
Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals. Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company, providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals all over the USA.

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Choosing the Appropriate Medical Billing Services for your Practice

When you go hunting for medical billing services, you will run into several types, which will offer different kinds of support and facilities for your practice. Do you prefer the large companies that come with a whole host of services; or a smaller, more modest set up of a home based service? Or maybe you are looking for something in between!

Home Based Medical Billing

Medical billing services that are home based come with the advantage of offering highly customized services. However, they do fall short on other aspects. Very often the entire set up has not more than one or two employees, and they may also lack the necessary business acumen and management knowledge. You will also have to consider the possibility of their services getting temporarily held up, in case one of the employees falls sick or goes on leave.

Practice Management Companies

These companies are the other end of the spectrum, with more than a hundred employees and an extensive network service. A practice management company will typically offer more than just medical billing service. It can also take care of patient scheduling, marketing and staffing. Anybody, who's looking to turn over the complete running of the business to a professional enterprise and be free of any hassles or headache, will be thrilled with the services these companies offer.

Professional Medical Billing Services

If you are intimidated by the goliath-like structure of practice management companies and want more than a home based service, a professional medical billing service would be best for you. It combines the strengths of the previous two set ups and has few weaknesses to speak of. It is more flexible than practice management companies, and far more organized than home based services. In addition to providing highly customized services, there are no chances of the cash flow being interrupted due to fluctuations in staff availability.

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  • Pay as low as 3% of the collected amount

  • All claims submitted within 24 hours

  • 95% claims paid the first time

  • 100% claims follow-up for fastest receivable