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Medical Billing Services in New York

Medical Billing New York
Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals.

Medical Billing Services in New York

All You Need for Medical Billing, New York City

Medical billing in New York City has never been easier. No matter what the challenges, we have the expertise to sort them out. Even if the insurance carriers do not accept electronic submission of claims, we will print it out on a form and get the job done. We will give you the best service on medical billing, New York City has ever seen.

Flexible services

We can provide all kinds of medical billing and coding, New York will ever need. We make small changes wherever required to suit our customers and provide the best service possible. We also have a strong customer service department and we assist patients will the billing enquiries. Good customer service from us will also reflect your quality of service.

You are still the boss

Although we do all your work for you, you will still have complete control over your money. Every payment made will be made directly to you and we only keep an account of our share. In case of reimbursements, you need to send up a copy of the EOB and once verified, the account will be settled. Medical billing New York City has never been simpler.

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Why Medeye

  • Pay as low as 3% of the collected amount

  • All claims submitted within 24 hours

  • 95% claims paid the first time

  • 100% claims follow-up for fastest receivable