Maximize your patient billing with medical billing solutions

Medical Billing Solution

Medical billing solutions can help you collect more revenues and increase the proficiency, accuracy and expertise of the medical providers in collecting all the dues. Successful medical billing is all about efficient handling and timely completion of the charge entry and the payment posting with the insurance company. Any complication or delay can affect your functioning and lead to unnecessary delays. They provide speed, accuracy and expertise so that the errors in coding and billing are not present and speed and accuracy of submission and follow-up are maintained.

Why avail medical billing solutions?

Efficient medical billing solutions provide accurate information about the patient demographic data, assign medical codes for all the services availed, ensure precise charging for all the services provided to the patient by the doctor, submit all the bills on time with the insurance company and follow a proper channel of following up for claim recovery.

All this can not only save the time of the practitioners but also ensure maximum reimbursement of claims. A Specialized system can increase your reimbursements and eliminate any kind of errors. By providing the right codes, it ensures that the revenues are maximized for the smooth flow of medical practice.

  • It brings peace of mind for the doctors so that they can focus on patient care. They need not worry about the coding and sending the bills to the insurance companies which can enable them to concentrate more on their practice than the payments.
  • It ensures maximum reimbursement as the specialized companies are experts in providing medical billing solutions. They know about coding the services in a precise manner with maximum accuracy so that nothing is missed and the maximum amount is billed.
  • The medical billing experts follow an efficient network of follow-up with the clients as well as the insurance companies. They constantly send out letters to the insurance companies and also keep the patients in the loop so that there is no payment default.
  • They follow all the necessary guidelines issued by the HIPAA and other regulatory authorities to avoid any defaults. They take care of all the insurance guidelines.
  • Timely submission of all the claims ensures that there are improved accounts receivables and revenue cycle optimization.

Medeye Billing solutions

Medeye LLC is an experienced medical billing service that has been providing the best billing solutions for years to several physicians and hospitals. It is one of the best medical billing companies as it ensures that all the medical charges are entered within 24 hours and sent to the insurance company quickly. Timely submission of the claims ensures maximum reimbursement without any default.

Some of the exclusive features offered by Medeye Billing solutions are

  • Efficient follow-up with the insurance companies which includes constant calls and e-mails to the insurance companies as well the concerned patients
  • Accurate ICD-10 and CPT coding of the services
  • Proper following of the insurance guidelines to receive payments without any default
  • Insurance verification for limiting the possibility of any rejection