Medical Billing Should Be Your Last Resort

The healthcare system is one of the most modernized systems today. It is continuously evolving to make things easier; not just for the patients but also for the medical practitioners, physicians, and healthcare providers. The insurance process has become quite efficient for everyone. Also, paying hefty money for expensive medical care nowadays has been considerably made easier with efficient insurance policies. However, what one mostly ignores is the medical billing and coding that goes behind the entire insurance process.

In this process, the patients and the insurance companies are to be billed. And, the medical providers need to recover the money which is being spent on treating the individuals. However, it is quite a tedious and complicated task that involves loads of paperwork and formalities. Therefore, it is best if done by a third party that can help them get maximum reimbursement. Another great benefit of such third party help is the low-cost solution.

What is Medical Billing? 

Medical billing is the process of insurance reimbursement. In this process, health providers get reimbursement for the patients treated by them from the insurance company. Whereas, other payments are as simple as producing the bill and getting the payment. This process of medical billing is quite complex and involves a lot of documenting and procedures. The healthcare providers mention all the details about the products and services that are provided to the patient along with the diagnosis and treatment on the patient’s chart which is then transformed into particular codes for billing purposes.

The bills are prepared and sent to the insurance company of the patient from where the health provider tries to get the payments for the service provided. Apart from the collections from the insurance company, the patients are also to be informed about the out of pocket expenses that are not covered by the insurance company and the same amount has to be recovered. The out of pocket cost is fast rising and recovering it is quite difficult which calls for constant reminders to the patients as well. 

What does Medeye LLC do?

Medeye LLC provides the entire services related to medical billing to the medical practitioners and providers so that they can concentrate on the more important issue- which is treating the patients. Outsourcing the billing process saves a lot of effort and time which is spent on submitting the claim and recovering the money. The experienced staff members of Medeye LLC offer nationwide services and helps the client get the maximum reimbursement. The medical providers can save the cost of a separate employee appointed for the medical billing along with the hardware and software costs, by outsourcing this function to a knowledgeable and expert company that can work closely with the existing employees. 

What all facilities are offered by Medeye LLC?

A complete set of services are provided to the concerned party which includes: 

  1. Submission of all the necessary data within 24 hours to avoid delays. Both the electronic and paper claims are made well in time so as to ensure that there are no delays in the payment process.
  2. The cash settlements are done on a monthly basis. 
  3. Constant collection letters are sent to the patients to recover the out of pocket costs. 
  4. Computerized coding of all the services to avoid delays due to mistakes on the part of the medical service providers/hospitals. 
  5. Regular follow up about the claims after every 31 days.
  6. Insurance verification and pre-collection unit to collect all the data regarding the payment and the amount due. 

The best part about outsourcing the service of medical billing is that by paying a small fee (about 3% of the amount collected), you can easily leave apart all the paperwork and documenting and concentrate on your profession and growth. Since all the claims are submitted within 24 hours, Medeye LLC has a record of 95% claims being settled for the very first time. The follow-up service is quite efficient which ensures that the medical providers need not keep the record of constant reminders that are to be sent for recovering the payment. The services are tailored according to the individual needs of the clients and ensure maximum reimbursement in very less time.