Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals.

Medical Billing Collection

Advantages of outsourcing your medical coding to Medeye Services:

The art of medical billing and collection lies in formulating collection strategies. The science lies in the technology used. Medical billing collection has become a highly specialized service these days and there is a great demand for medical billing and coding professionals.

How does Medical Billing and Collection help you?

When you, as a medical practitioner, treat a patient, you obviously expect to get paid for your services. But when you went to medical school you went to learn how to heal people. Not to run a business. And yet today, a medical practice is a business. And revenues have to be generated and collected. That is when you need the services of a medical billing and collection professional like Medeye services. We review your patient’s records to identify the services provided, note the patient’s health insurance company and coverage details, and then prepare the invoices and submit the claim on your behalf.

What else can we do for you?

As medical billing collection professionals we can offer you comprehensive medical billing and collections services. Our services would include organizing bills and statements; scanning them for errors; negotiations with collection agencies; providing information regarding health care plans and office billing routines in response to patient’s queries; and interaction with insurance companies.

There’s even more to it

As part of our medical billing and collections services, we also include reviews of charge slips and tracking of payments. In addition to providing reports showing profitability based on analysis of records. We keep physicians updated on new coding practices, fee structure changes and strategies to improve the organizations bottom line. We thereby enable compliance with strict HCFA rules for healthcare providers. Hence, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of medical billing procedures and health insurance company processes that help us optimize our client’s practices.