Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals.

Medical Billing Colorado

What Do We Do Differently With Medical Billing, Colorado?

A lot of companies may offer to do your medical billing for you but there is a reason why we should be your choice for medical billing, Colorado. First of all the rates are very reasonable at only 4.5% of the collected cash. The other reasons include good customer service, reliability, customized services, etc.

Prompt entry

We make sure all the data entry is made within 24 hours. We also submit the claims promptly to ensure immediate responses and less delays in processing of the forms. We also give you monthly statements which make it easy and clear to you about the charges. If there is an unclaimed claim, we follow it up as well under the service of medical billing and coding Colorado. When we receive payments, we always dispatch a payment received report to both the clients and the user.


Verifying insurance policies is also an important job without which a lot of insurance companies could go bankrupt. We conduct these services and you will only be charge for the medical billing Colorado. If you have your doubts, try the free trial and see it if suits your needs.