Medical Billing Company

The medical billing process is one of the crucial challenges faced by the healthcare organizations. All the steps involved in this difficult process possess its own importance and only the medical billing experts can effectively carry out them. Thus, the medical practitioners and healthcare facilities can take full benefit of medical billing companies for the best results. We, at MedEye Services are the leading medical billing companies in USAthat offer high quality services at cost effective price ranges. Let’s have a look on the brief clarification of the medical billing process as given below:

Patient Demographic Entry: In this process, we record the personal details of a patient along with the crucial information like POS (Place of Service). In the meantime, the accuracy of patient’s insurance credentials will verify for the next processing.

Secure registration: Our highly experienced professional medical billing company will offer great significance to this process to attain the goodwill of the client. With the help of a confidential VPN connection, we transmit the medical records through FTP.

Medical Coding: The medical records will review and retrieve by a medical coder, who will afterward assign the alphanumeric codes for the services offered and patient’s demographics. For instance, the processes will code as per the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and diagnoses based on International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) manual.

Charge entry: After completing the coding part, our medical experts assign the reasonable charges for the related patient based on the coding standards. Our charges are responsible for evaluating the reimbursements for the services rendered by us. It is the most important step in the coding cycle and medical billing, as even a small error can immensely influence the result. Exploring across the entire process to find the error will seem like finding “a needle in a haystack”.