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Medical Billing Firms

The Different Types of Medical Billing Firms

Before you select a medical billing firm for your practice, you need to be aware of the different categories of firms. Most of them fall into three basic categories. You need to determine which one is the most suitable for your requirements. Your ultimate priority must be to choose a medical billing firm that can ensure your claims are successful.

Practice Management Companies

These firms are larger with over a 100 employees. Their size ensures that they have the infrastructure and resources to handle large scale billing requirements, as well as staffing, scheduling and marketing activities. If you are a practitioner who would rather hand over all billing functions to the billing firm, this may well be the solution. However, this may not be practical if you prefer to control your own billing operations. You may find one like this if you check out a medical billing firm.

Home Based Billing Companies

These are small businesses often running out of a home with a very small team as often happens with a medical billing firm. Their experience and standard of professionalism may be difficult to quantify. However, because they are small, they offer greater flexibility and ability to customize operations. And again, due to their size, their client roster is usually small and they are better able to focus on the clients needs with personalized service. However, since their resources are limited, they cannot always offer the kind of service you require from medical billing firms.

Professional Medical Billing Firms

These firms tend to be mid-sized and are usually more flexible than the large practice management companies and have greater resources than the home based category. As one of the more professional medical billing firms we offer comprehensive services that provide the best of both worlds, at Medeye LLC services. We have the experience, manpower resources and infrastructure to meet all your needs, professionally and efficiently.