Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals.

Medical Billing New Jersey

The Best of the Medical Billing Services, New Jersey Has to Offer

Medical facilities of New Jersey will find a wealth of useful services with us. We are of one of the few medical billing services New Jersey has to offer that makes sure everything goes smoothly. We even provide you with easy to use billing software as well.

What we offer?

We offer all inclusive services where payment posting, follow up of insurance, patient billing, etc. is all taken care of. For all these services, all we charge is a mere 4.5% of the total amount collected. As our medical billing services, New Jersey are completely compliant with HIPAA, a lot of facilities choose us.

Uncomplicated charges

The only charges you will have to pay for will be in accordance with the work done for you by us. We do not charge anything to start providing you with our services and we also give you our services for free for a trial period. We are the best medical billing company New Jersey has to offer for a lot of reasons. Efficiency, cost effectiveness and you will also be charged only local phone call charges even if the operations are made at a different location.