Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals.

Medical Billing Solutions

Medical Billing Solutions for the Busy Practitioner

When you are a busy medical practitioner, you are bound to require the services of a medical billing specialist to offer you medical billing solutions for your practice. The ideal situation is to have some one who can handle all your billing processes and insurance claims reimbursements.

Identify your Problems

Do you find you have no time to monitor and generate billing? Do you have insufficient staff to handle the work for you? Is the task of setting up the necessary infrastructure to handle your billing too daunting for you? What is the size of your practice? Have you lost a great deal of revenue in terms of rejected insurance claims? These are all the queries you need to consider before you look for medical billing solutions.

How can your Problems be solved?

Ideally, you need some one who can take over interpretation of medical bills; understand and utilize standardized codes; and monitor and follow up on insurance claims. If you can also find some one who is good at communication with physicians, patients and insurance companies, it will take a lot of the pressure off you. A medical billing solution provider like Medeye services could be the answer to your problems.

Compliance to Standards

Before you proceed any further, do ensure that the medical billing specialist you choose is HIPAA compliant.Compliance to HIPAA is mandatory since the confidential aspect of patients’ health related information is of prime importance. These are only some of the aspects of the industry that we as a medical billing solution provider can ensure for your safety, and for the profitability of your practice. We can reduce your over head costs and ensure greater returns on your insurance claims with the efficient systems and processes we employ. And we can assure you that all our services adhere to the highest standards of the industry.