Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals.

Medical Claim Service Provider

Get a Second Opinion on your Medical Claim Service Provider

What are the services you expect from your medical claim billing provider? Have you prioritized in terms of your existing infrastructure, size of practice and future projections when you studied your options for medical claims processing? Have you decided on how much control you would like to retain over your business activities? Have you an idea of the kind of medical claim collections you would like to be assured of? Consider these factors before finalizing your decision on your choice of the medical claims processingCompany.

What should a Full Service Firm offer you?

Do ensure that the medical claims billing Company can offer billing solutions that will reduce your overheads. They should be able to issue invoices on a monthly basis and ensure that the receivables are credited directly to your office. Their track record should reveal if their accuracy in preparing medical claims have resulted in optimizing reimbursement. And they should definitely be proficient in electronic claim processing.

What should be their Priority?

The single most important factor is HIPAA compliance. All electronic transactions should conform to HIPAA norms. The medical claim billing firm should ensure the highest standards of privacy based on the HIPAA privacy standards. And the firm should possess comprehensive medical billing knowledge. The firm should also have the ability to work closely with the staff members in your practice.

What can we offer you?

As a full service billing company, Medeye LLC services offers comprehensive billing, processing and claims services. We cover all aspects of the billing; processing and claim services that can help reduce your over heads and optimize your bottom line. We facilitate the reimbursement of claims to the fullest extent possible. With years of medical billing experience behind us, we have established our credibility in the field. And more importantly, we are very particular about adhering to HIPAA standards.