Medeye Services is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals.

Medical Insurance Billing Simplified

Medical Insurance Billing Simplified

A medical insurance billing company submits and follows up on claims made to insurance companies to ensure payment to healthcare providers for services rendered. The process is the same for insurance companies regardless of whether they are government or privately owned.

The Billing Industry

There has been a sea change in billing processes since the launch of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that has contributed to the demand for specialists in medical insurance billing such as Medeye services. HIPAA is an act that has introduced a series of rules and regulations that healthcare providers, hospitals, doctors and health programs must adhere to in order to provide effective health care services while maintaining patient confidentiality. Companies like us that offer medical insurance billing services are required to send in the claims electronically as per HIPAA guidelines.

Knowledge of Processes and Procedures

As a medical insurance billing company we ensure that our knowledge base covering the insurance plans offered by insurance companies, and the rules and regulations governing them, is always updated. As a provider of medical insurance billing services we initiate the interaction between the healthcare provider and the insurance company. We note the degree of physical examination, the complexity involved in the healthcare provider’s decision making and the patient’s case history prior to determination of the level of service for which insurance will be claimed.

A Painless Procedure

When we offer our services for medical insurance billing we enable comprehensive processing of insurance claims. After the level of service is translated in to a five digit procedure code (CPT) and the verbal diagnosis is translated in to a numerical code (ICD-9-CM), we forward the claims electronically to the insurance company, using these codes. The insurance company then processes the claims after reviewing and evaluation of their validity for payment. We, as the medical insurance billing company always try to facilitate smooth processing procedures.