Mental Health Medical Billing

Whatever be the type of medical facility, each facility needs an efficient medical billing service. Whether it is a multi specialty hospital, normal hospital, nursing home, clinic or an individual medical practitioner, every medical establishment runs the billing requirement in profusion. We at Medeye services offer excellent medical billing and coding services for the health care providers to simplify their billing requirements.

Billing for mental care clinics

We offer medical billing solutions for the mental health clinics also. You can avail our services to code the nature of the disease of your patient. We also code the prescription and the treatment you provide to your patient. The data goes to the insurance company for the assumption of the claims. We handle everything related to the claim follow ups with the insurance company.

Benefits for the billing

We follow up the claims and lessen the paper work for you. You can have a peace of mind. You do not have to wreck your brain over the paper work and divert your attention from the treatment to the claim follow ups. We handle the hard and complimented work for you. You can rest assured of the claims and concentrate wholly on your practice. We offer our support for all your mental health medical billing needs.

There is no limitation to the mental health. You can hire us for the psychiatric, psychological and any other type of mental illness. We are always ready for the assistant. Billing needs for the mental health clinics are different and we know how to deal with it. You can truly feel relaxed from all your billing problems. We make sure that you get the right results in a cost effective manner. This is perhaps the reason why we charge the most competitive range of prices to our customers.