Physician Quality Reporting System

PQRS reporting is an intuitive program launched by the CMS. Under this program, the health care providers get reward for reporting the health care data to CMS. A health care institute may get the financial support from the CMS under the pay for performance program. This means, the better the medical facilities of a health care provider are the better CMS will reward it.


CMS stands for the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS started the physician quality reporting system in United States in 2006. This scheme has a goal to improve the medical facilities of the health care providers by creating an atmosphere of competition. Under this scheme, the health care providers who care for the patients with Medicare insurance can participate. Any type of therapist, practitioner, medical physicians, hospitals and nursing homes can participate in the program if they fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Medeye and PQRS

Medeye Services helps medical institutes in submitting their medical data to the CMS for evaluation. We strive to improve your medical data along with the medical facilities you offer. We not only take care of your medical billing needs and coding but also give you a peace of mind, whichenables you to concentrate better on your practice. We assist you to get high ratings from CMS in order to get the rewards. You can always participate in the physician quality reporting system program of the CMS if you fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Benefits for reporting

As you already aware of, PQRS reporting is a Medicare incentive program. You get reward financially for the level of the medical facilities you offer in your healthcare institute. Financial help may enable you to improve your medical facilities even further.Hence the cycle of reward and performance begins with reporting.