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Medeye LLC is a comprehensive asset for all your medical billing services in Connecticut. With over 15 years of association, we have served numerous providers. Our clients consolidate execution practices and assembling practices to colossal medical centers, facilities, operation natural surroundings, radiology get-togethers, and distress the chiefs' networks.

As a huge load of centers have jumped up in Connecticut, and a huge load of specialists are accepted to set up private practices, the necessity for healthcare billing organizations in Connecticut has shot up amazingly.

Our Specialties

1.Exceptional Quality work with Fast Delivery Medeye provides physician billing administrations with a wide range of clinical endeavors including doctors, radiologists, dental specialists, therapists, specialists and so on The cases are submitted inside 24 hours which guarantees greatest and fast repayment. In addition, representatives are profoundly qualified and experienced. They keep following up with the insurance agency at fixed spans to guarantee most extreme returns. Opportune accommodation and ordinary development are the vital qualities of Medeye because of which greatest cases are settled without any problem.

2.Low Cost Services Medeye provides exceptionally moderate billing solutions. While other organizations charge between 6%-8% of the gathered sum. Solutions by Medeye are only accessible from as low as 3% of the gathered sum. The billing sum differs as per the billing content’s total. Our affordable rates makes us one of the best services in comparison to the remainder of the organizations.

3.HIPAA Compliance Medeye is the best billing and coding service provider in Connecticut which offers plenty of services at affordable prices. The services are available in all parts of the World and the policies and procedures followed by the company are completely HIPAA compliant to ensure a smooth revenue cycle. The billing services can make the life of the medical practitioners easy and ensure timely payment of the dues.

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Connecticuts Leading Revenue Cycle Management Experts

When choosing a healthcare billing company, the smart investment is not in low prices, but in quality services. At Medeye, our experts work hand in hand with your team for specialities like medical billing for OB-GYN to help you improve your billing collections.

Having a strong billing and coding solution is one of the key components for a healthcare company. Medeye LLC is a full service revenue cycle management company that is here to deliver solutions to your billing requirements. Based in New York, we provide services to 30+ states all across the U.S. with medical billing services in Nebraska, Mississippi, Oregon and Wyoming, our latest new business expansion offices.

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