Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization

Medeye LLC helps medical facilities verify their patientsinsurance eligibility and responsibility to pay for healthcare. Insurance policies are changed and modified from time to time.

Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization

Ensure timely and accurate receipt of the information on insurance coverage and accurately determine your patient's responsibility to pay for their healthcare services.

The first step of the medical billing process is insurance verification and eligibility. Mishandling or mismanaging claims can lead to delays or rejections in these claims. Claims rely on updated information that was filled in by any previous establishment.

With continuous updates and changes in insurance policies, it is necessary to ensure proper verification of these. Unless an insurance policy's eligibility is verified, smooth billing will not take place.

Here's how we can help you when you choose Medeye LLC as your eligibility verification and prior authorization partners.

  • Minimize client revenue cycle
  • Eliminate write-offs and improve collections
  • Minimize delays and denials significantly.

Our experienced insurance verification specialists get in touch with insurance companies and efficiently get authorizations. We get all the necessary paperwork done. Once we have gathered all the necessary information on a claim, we update the online portal with the necessary verification and eligibility details such as coverage periods, member and group IDs, payment options, and other benefits. Any irregularities in a claim will be brought to your notice immediately.