Why Medeye

Why Medeye

If you are on the lookout for a medical billing company to take care of practice's medical billing, you must wonder what's different about this company than other medical billing companies.

  • Medeye LLC has a long and successful history of providing exceptional medical billing services. We have a strong reputation, and our clients are more than satisfied with our services. We have a large staff, which makes us capable of taking on your business's requirements.
  • Medeye LLC is HIPAA compliant.
  • Medeye LLC offers speedy services, and we are always available to take on new clients without causing inconvenience to our existing clients.


  • Pay as low as 3% of the collected amount
  • Reduce medical billing costs by up to 50%
  • Boost revenues by over 20%
  • Reduce payer denials and rejections
  • All claims submitted within 24 hours
  • 100% claims follow-up till claims are paid and closed
  • Full Visibility and Customized Reports
  • Inhouse Credentialing and Enrollment Team
  • No initial or hidden costs

Call 877-386-3291or email us at sales@medeyeservices.com to find out more about Medeye LLC and how we can help you with your medical billing needs.