Appointment Scheduling

Managing your appointments efficiently is crucial both for your practice and to ensure customer satisfaction. Nobody wants to enter an overcrowded healthcare facility.

Appointment Scheduling

Medeye LLC provides easy and seamless appointment scheduling for your practice.Don't be overwhelmed by handling large crowds of patients. Our appointment scheduling system is built to reduce your workload. You can rely on our system to safely store all your appointment information that can also be integrated seamlessly into your billing process as well.


Our appointment scheduling service is not software oriented. That means, one of our trained professionals are put in charge of scheduling your patients' appointments. Apart from lightening your load and helping you make use of your time more productively, you can confirm appointments and schedules with your patients also so that you don't end up waiting for a patient who decides to cancel at the last minute.

  • Working with Medeye LLCs appointment schedule solution is very simple. Just let us know how you would like our team to schedule your appointments and the type of format you would like to receive your confirmed appointments.
  • You can even block off certain days and times that you are busy. We ensure that no appointments are made for those days and times.
  • View all your appointments in a format that works for you. All your appointments are ready at your fingertips and can be accessed anytime – and from anywhere. We ensure the privacy of your patients and their appointments. So, only you and those within your practice who have access can view the appointments.
  • Need to make a change in your appointment schedule? We can book, reschedule, and cancel appointments on your behalf.
  • An appointment is successful only if your patient remembers to keep that appointment. That is why we even send out automated reminders for all the appointments that we schedule for you.
  • We can even add additional information to make the whole process easier for your patients, such as send them FAQs on your behalf, directions to your clinic, and links to forms that they are required to download and fill out.
  • The success behind our appointment scheduling service is our dedicated team of appointment schedulers. We trust them, and so can you.

If you want more information on our appointment scheduling services, give us a call at 877-386-3291, and we will be glad to get in touch with you at the earliest.