Old AR Recovery

Insurance accounts receivables often turn out to be a big hurdle in the way of medical practice. Despite following AR best practices, many healthcare facilities still struggle under the burden of a growing insurance receivable.

Old AR Recovery

Insurance accounts receivables is a very common problem within medical facilities, irrespective of their size. Even with a strategy that seems good, many healthcare facilities find that their insurance receivables keep growing. This causes a significant financial burden on the medical practice.

Medeye LLC specializes in providing effective AR collections and pursuing these old accounts by assigning a dedicated team of specialists who analyze the unpaid and underpaid claims and aggressively follows up with insurance companies to recover maximum payment.

During the past few years, Medeye LLC has helped medical practices recover hundreds of thousands of dollars from insurance companies in "lost" reimbursements and denials.

This service is ideal for medical practices that do not want to outsource their entire billing but only recover their old AR.

Our Fee

Medeye LLC does not charge any upfront fees for Old AR Recovery. Our fee is determined by several factors such as age of the accounts and the overall size of the project and start from as low as 3% of the collections.

To know more about our Old AR Recovery service and receive an instant quote, please call our sales representative at (877) 386-3291.