Medical Billing For Acupuncture


For acupuncturists it is very critical to bill the procedures separately. For most of the healthcare procedures, it is common to bill one set of amounts regardless of what treatment is taken care of. Acupuncture therapy should be billed for all services performed - We are here to handle medical billing for acupuncture requirements and let you settle with peace of mind.

Are you a fresher who is apprehensive of diving into the uncertain world of insurance billing? Or are you a well-established practitioner who is frustrated by the complicated process of provider enrollment? We here at Medeye Services understand and comprehend the exact needs and expectations of every physical therapist and acupuncturist. To reduce the work pressure, to minimize the cumbersome paperwork, and to grab higher and faster billing and coding insurance reimbursements is our prime objective.

billing for acupuncture

We at Medeye LLC handle all the claims and billing for you so that you can spend some quality time taking care of your patients, and at the same time focus on growing your business. We specialize in offering professional and efficient insurance medical billing processes to our customers, so you can blindly depend on us.

Acupuncture billing Process with Medeye LLC

Some doctors and practitioners are of the belief that coding is one of the most overwhelming procedures due to its constantly evolving codes, as well as, extensive differentiation from treatment in one clinic to another.We totally understand that your patients are your priority right from the moment they enter your clinic. You can leave all your billing related stress and delegate the work to us. You can rely on our wide range of 30+ specialities where we blend our knowledge to streamline our process. We will readily follow-up with all the parties such as your patients and the insurance providers.

How much does it cost to hire our services for acupuncture medical billing?

You might not realize it but healthcare billing can cost you in terms of manpower, time, and money in the form of wrong filings and appeals. You can lose a lot of money while taking care of acupuncture practice without proper billing company by your side. However, if you prefer choosing a professional like us, you not only gain experienced services but also precision for less than the money that you might have just lost otherwise. You can get a Guide to medical billing services fee structure to ensure you get the best price quoted.

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