Medical Billing For Anesthesiology


Anesthesiology is one of a kind of surgical procedures practiced by the hospitals and clinics. To practice physician billing for anesthesiologists, you need to follow strict guidelines and have an in-depth understanding about medical practice. Whenever a surgical procedure is performed that requires anesthesia (which is most of them), we must always have an Anesthesia code with the surgery codes. This Anesthesia code corresponds to where on the body the surgery is performed.

Since anesthesiologists are busy and involved with their patients the whole day and they don’t have time to take care of the billing procedures. Medical billing and coding in such cases usually takes a backseat. Medical coding is essential on several levels, from ensuring accurate payment to doctors, to creating a patient record care history that is entirely valid.

There are numerous billing complexities involved in the billing process. This is the main reason why anesthesiology practices are majorly susceptible to Medicare audits. The complex task of anesthesiology billing cannot be entrusted to people who are not familiar with the procedure and terminology. If it is handled by inexperienced professionals, inaccurate claims and incorrect coding leads to confusion.

billing for anesthesiology

Why choose Medeye LLC?

An experienced hand in fulfilling the requirements of claim submission, Medeye LLC offers customized healthcare solutions to help providers reduce the cost and maximize their revenue. We analyze billing for your medical requirements.

Our Experienced and well trained Anesthesia billing professionals are skillful in following sections:

  • Patient enrolment: Demographic and insurance information.
  • Patient Verification: Insurance verification and authorization.
  • Medical coding.
  • Billing as well as the reconciliation of accounts: charging of entrie & cash posting.
  • Collections of account receivables: patient and Insurence

End-to-End medical insurance billing and coding services

At Medeye LLC, we have an extremely dedicated and professional team that aims to give effective resolution and streamline and manage all the billing cycles. Medical insurance billing is a highly-sensitive process that deals with collectibles. Therefore, it is essential to outsource medical billing process to an experienced company that has a proven track record of good collections.Our certified professional coders are extremely qualified and well-trained in using and implementing codes as well as modifiers. The codes and modifiers are based on the various factors as researched by the team for the customers.

So, what makes us your most trusted and relied on billing partner?

  • We comply with all the rules and regulations of HIPAA.
  • We process both papers as well as electronic file claims for our customers.
  • We have the most flexible software usage.
  • We take strict confidentiality measures.
  • We conduct and complete regular quality analysts checking.
  • We have an extremely high accuracy rate.

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