Medical Billing For Dermatology


Dermatology treatment poses countless unique challenges that can be met only by the skilled services offered by the highly-trained experts and professionals. A highly-trained team of experts will ensure proper coding and timely and accurate reimbursement of the medical services. From the complex dermatology tests of skin grafts to the easier lesion removals, medical billing for dermatology involves many procedures. As a dermatologist you see a lot more patients than other medical specialties. With the increase in the number of patients each year, medical billing resources have expedited their process and technology to produce the very best reimbursements possible. We are here to increase your revenue and lower your overhead.

Medeye LLC has a complete understanding of how a dermatology practice should be managed, and how to collect all allowable reimbursements.

Dermatology Billing

We know Dermatology First Hand!

At Medeye LLC, our dermatology medical billing and coding department is dedicated 100% to maximize your revenue and lower your overhead cost.Our team of billing experts will work to evaluate each client’s office to ensure a customized billing and coding program. Dermatology offices rely on these specialized processes and software in order to ensure that the practice is performing at its peak capabilities. In many cases, billing and coding procedures can be one of the sole factors that determine the success of a dermatology practice.

To signify your tests, appropriate medical codes and procedures are added so that timely payment can be received by the patients. For instance:

  • Dermabrasion, superficial, any site code would be 145676
  • For tattoo removal- 15683
  • For chemical peel- 15789-16789
  • For a skin biopsy, mucous membrane; single lesion- 22200

Medeye LLC distinguishing features are:

  • Now you can save 40-50% of your operational costs by choosing our services
  • You will reduce all kinds of insurance errors
  • We are fully HIPAA compliant
  • We conduct regular QA checks
  • We pioneer in generating maximum reimbursements and minimal claim denials
  • We do not have any long-term contracts
  • We offer 24/7 technical assistance

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