Medical Billing For gastroenterology

MEDICAL BILLING FOR Gastroenterology

To establish and maintain a financially successful physician practice business, your staff and business model needs to remain updated with all the changes that occur in healthcare revenue cycle management processes. We can help you in dealing with the most complex healthcare billing services for gastroenterology! Medeye LLC is a luminary in providing medical billing and coding assistance to gastroenterology.

Medeye LLC have a vast amount of experience specializing in provider enrollment and credentialing, payer contract review, and medical coding. We ensure that all your claim submissions are error-free and maximizing your revenue. We are well-versed with the different business and clinical issues that affect the field of gastroenterology which is not only limited to the challenges of the transition to value-based contracts.

On average, our physician billing services team has been able to:

  • Increase Practice Revenue by 70%
  • Increase charges by 40%
  • Decrease rejections by65%

Billing for Gastroenterology

Improve Medical Practice Profitability with Medeye LLC

Understanding the business side for a healthcare domain helps physicians run a successful practice for a longer term. Most of the physicians come out of training with the knowledge to treat patients but with little or no knowledge of how to get reimbursed for their services - which is where Medeye LLC comes to support you!

Our team can handle all the tasks related to medical coding and billing of diagnosis, as well as, treatment of gastrointestinal and hematological diseases effectively and efficiently. Also, our team is a pioneer in handling sub-specialty areas such as clinical nutrition, transplantation, pancreatic disease, endoscopic surveillance, gastrointestinal cancer and the prevention, therapeutic endoscopy, and bowel diseases.Our company is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines and we offer the most affordable and customized billing solutions for hospitals, clinics, group practices, individual physicians, and ambulatory surgical centers.

Medeye gastroenterology billing features:

  • Now you can save 40-50% of your operational costs by choosing our services
  • You will reduce all kinds of insurance errors
  • We are fully HIPAA compliant
  • We conduct regular QA checks
  • We pioneer in generating maximum reimbursements and minimal claim denials
  • We do not have any long-term contracts
  • We offer 24/7 technical assistance
  • We assign a dedicated team headed by a medical billing manager to your project. We treat every task of yours as a crucial step in your advancement
  • We have our exclusive billing software which we can use to complete your project within a timeframe. Also, all our clients have access to our software
  • We believe in generating daily, weekly, or monthly reports as per your work needs and requirements

We believe in streamlining your billing processes to create a significant impact on your business revenue and overall cash flow.

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