Medical Transcription

Medical transcription outsourcing offers you the quality assurance that no software or technology can. Choosing the right medical transcription service is all you need to do...

Medical Transcription

As a medical practitioner, you are constantly on the run attending to one patient after another, managing your healthcare business, and juggling several other responsibilities simultaneously. In the busy healthcare industry, practitioners and providers hardly have the time for data entry and reporting tasks. Wouldn’t it be easier if all your patient records were taken care of by someone else without you having to worry about their accuracy and quality? This is exactly what a good medical transcription service can offer you.

Most healthcare providers today are opting for medical transcription services because:

  • It is a quick way of creating robust patient records
  • It saves time allowing them to attend to more cases every day
  • It guarantees the accuracy that voice recognition software does not always provide
  • It includes proofreading to ensure quality and correctness

There are hundreds of records a healthcare provider needs to enter daily. Studies suggest that for every hour medical practitioners spend with a patient, they spend an additional two hours on record keeping. This is time you could dedicate to your practice and it is certainly valuable. Transcription services can help you save that time, increase your productivity and enhance your patient’s experience too. When doctors, nurses and healthcare providers are not overburdened with paperwork, they can offer better services.

Outsourcing your medical transcription

Keeping medical transcription within your premises can unnecessarily increase your workload or that of your staff. You may think, why not use a speech recognition software instead? Well, a speech recognition software is not human. It only transcribes what is in its database. This means you are compromising on accuracy. Your medical records need to be on point. Even a single error could lead to serious implications.

Outsourcing to a good medical transcription company that is experienced and well acquainted with the healthcare industry can help you:

  • Speed up your documentation process
  • Add the human touch your record-keeping needs
  • Save costs on hiring full-time record-keeping staff

Medical transcription outsourcing offers you the quality assurance that no software or technology can. Choosing the right medical transcription service is all you need to do.

Medical transcription services for world-class healthcare providers

Medeye LLC offers medical transcription services to medical practitioners, clinics, hospitals, family practices and other healthcare providers who seek to increase productivity. Forget about hours of paperwork and electronic health record systems. With Medeye LLC’s transcription services, you can focus on what you do best while we take care of all your records.

Our services include:

  • Speed up your documentation process
  • Transcription of patient records
  • Detailed reporting and tracking
  • Proofreading for quality assurance
  • Procedure notes
  • Operative records
  • Patient history
  • Clinical trial and research records
  • Discharge summaries and more

Hundreds of healthcare providers have trusted our medical transcription services and saved valuable time, money and energy. You could enjoy the benefits of medical transcription outsourcing too. Let us take up the burden of transcription, data entry and HER filing while you work on sending your patients back home, healthy and satisfied.

If your healthcare service needs the assistance of a reputable and experienced medical transcription company, give us a call today.