Medical Billing For Pathology


Amid the uncertainty and turmoil of the healthcare industry today, it is quite understandable that most of the hospitals and clinics practicing pathology are hesitant to consider shifting from internal pathology billing practices to an outsourced revenue management vendor.

But as the rules and regulations become more complex and the pressure crops up due to declining reimbursements, the importance of hiring an experienced pathology billing specialist cannot be overstated. Despite some of the best efforts made by the internal departments of your business, the structural changes in the healthcare billing industry are increasingly demanding and require a more effective, efficient, as well as, resource-rich approach.

Billing for Pathology

Understanding medical billing for pathology with Medeye!

When it comes to billing and coding, you need to ensure that you understand all the procedures, rules, regulations, and guidelines as laid by the government. This is because, with all the regular changes and updates made by the government, the understanding of the procedures, rules, and regulations become more complex.

We at Medye LLC make everything easier for you!

Our wide variety of pathology billing services include data accuracy verification, data entry, accounts receivables, and denial management, billing, coding, reconciling of accounts, direct claims submission, respond to all queries generated by patients, collecting and depositing payments, streamlined appeals management, and Medicaid pending account research.

Specialized for your practice specifically tailored

The major benefits of choosing our team are that we are fully compliant with the government policy and HIPAA requirements. Regular QA checks are required to generate periodical reports. All the report preparations are taken care of by our expert team. You need not sign any long-term or yearly contracts with us. We can work for you anytime! Also, we provide a personalized touch to all your billing needs.

Even patients with financial literacy and good medical knowledge fail to interpret the medical statements. We make sure that we understand the medical statements of the patients crisply to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

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