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In today competitive environment of healthcare providers, profit margins are shrinking and the demand for medical billing services in Florida is rising tremendously. To continue providing quality healthcare, physician will have to adopt more efficient & effective strategies. Medeye LLC is a far-reaching resource for all your healthcare billing and coding necessities. With more than 15 years of affiliation, we have served various physicians across Florida.

Is healthcare billing and coding for your specialty complex? Is it tough to find experts in this domain? Is your insurance accounts receivable too high? Are your collections reducing day by day? Do you need to reduce operational costs? If you answer Yes to most of these questions!! Partnering with a billing company is the right choice you need to make.

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Bring down your Operational Cost by 70%

Medeye furnishes billing organizations with a wide scope of medical undertakings including medical billing for radiologists, dental subject matter experts, advisors, trained professionals, etc The cases are submitted within 24 hours which ensures the most prominent and quick reimbursement. What's more, delegates are significantly qualified and experienced. They keep following up with the protection organization at fixed ranges to ensure the most outrageous returns. Helpful convenience and conventional advancement are the fundamental characteristics of Medeye in view of which most noteworthy cases are settled with no issue.

Medeye gives outstandingly moderate billing as compared to other similar billers. While different companies charge between 6%-8% of their collections. Here at Medeye LLC we offer an all inclusive package which starts from 3% of the collected amount. Charges are determined by the volume of your monthly collections - for more details you can always check our billing pricing services.

We make your practice more manageable

We pass on a collection of quick, gainful, and safe billing answers for our customers that are uncommonly changed to meet the necessities of a specific medical specialty. We solely deal with each customer and their particular requirements. We pass on a specially designed unit that fulfills the client's specific necessities. As the healthcare delivery system continues to evolve and be more complex which is getting complex to navigate - we have recently expanded medical billing services in Massachusetts and South Dakota.

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