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Medeye LLC provides one of the best Medical Billing services in Georgia that provides end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions. We are a full service provider with healthcare solutions focused on maximizing revenue, reducing operational cost, and providing you with 100% claim follow-up until your clams are paid/closed.

We now offer our healthcare solutions to more than 30+ states in the U.S. with Medical Billing Services in Connecticut opening soon. Medeye LLC is dedicated to providing their clients with the highest quality in billing and coding services. Our mission is to increase reimbursements by reducing claim errors and decreasing payment turnaround time.

Practice automation technology means happy staff & happy patients

Your road to success starts with physician billing software designed to maximize patient revenue collection. Our medical claim processing is integrated with billing, financial reporting, and online scheduling making the business side of your practice much more efficient and easier. Every time you use our service, we assure you that insurance verification and authorization gets easier. When you have technology that automates many administrative tasks - you not just improve your productivity, but also help patients get more of a healthcare experience. We have experience in using popular Home Health softwares such as WellSky, CRADLE, AXXESS, HealthTrust and many others!

And, when it comes to security arrangements, we take reliability issues seriously. We protect all data through secure cloud storage, Firewall securities, and Web protections so that your data remains safe with Medeye LLC.

Improve your cash flow with affordable rates

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As a physician, you are always pre booked with administrative work and managing your patient care. Health Billing is getting complex day by day, specifically, medical billing for urgent care is the most difficult one to manage. While healthcare policies keep changing on a very frequent basis on the other hand new advancements in medicine, equipment and procedures, billing demands adhering to new compliance guidelines like HIPAA. With Medeye Professional service you need not worry about the latest industry standards.

Our billing service fees are specialty-specific, per-case, and volume-driven starting from as low as 3% of the collected amount. Medeye offers an all-inclusive package with in-house coding and credentialing team. Some billing companies attempt to attract physicians through below-market prices. One tip of advice from our experts low prices billers usually tend to make a lot of errors and miss out to generate revenue for you.

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