Medical Billing Services in Iowa


Medical billing services in Iowa provide a full service healthcare billing and management services throughout Iowa and its neighboring state. Engaging with patients and increasing cash flow with a wide variety of specialties is what we offer. Medeye Iowa provides the solution you need to meet the ever changing healthcare environment. We are ahead of medical practice trends which will increase your patient satisfaction, reduce your overhead expenses and most importantly - increase your cash flow.

Accelerate Patient Billing with Medeye

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Medeye LLC is among the best insurance verification and authorization companies that provide end to end revenue cycle management with multi-specialty billing. Choosing the right billing service is very crucial for a healthcare organization - Our in-house team ensures efficiency of your practice by providing the best quality service.

  • Lower costs and better staff morale.
  • Faster payment turnaround.
  • Fewer denials and fewer errors.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • A greener office with less waste.
  • Full compliance with new regulations.

Now bid farewell to overpricing, coding errors, and unreimbursed claims. Free up your staff to focus on patient care and improve your patient experience with Medeye LLC.

Comprehensive Suite of Billing Service

Our team of experts uses the latest billing software to increase the revenue of your medical practice in the shortest period of time. While we assign one expedite representative to oversee your billing requirements, this individual is backed with our team of specialties. Activities such as billing, coding, compliance, credentialing, claim submission, practice analytics, patient assistance and training get covered under our billing solutions.

Businesses across the U.S. choose our physician billing services for a few top specialties, including: medical billing for family practice, general surgery, Geriatrics, Pathology. chiropractic and many more. With more than 30+ specialties, our clients can now have access to our newly opened locations like medical billing services in Wisconsin and Montana.

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