Biggest Steps should be Taken by Medical Services During Covid-19 Pandemic

Biggest Steps should be taken by Medical Services During Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is a disastrous one and it has taken the world by a storm. People around the globe are suffering due to the rapid spread of the disease. Thousands of people have already died and the number is continuously increasing. The symptoms are mostly the same as that of the normal flu but they increase with time and are known to affect the lungs of the patients-so severely that it can lead to death. Apart from this, Covid-19 is highly communicable which makes it much more difficult to control. Continuous advisories are being issued by the government to maintain social distancing and wash and sanitize everything but despite the awareness, there are a lot of patients and they need to be provided with the best medical care and services. 

Covid-19 has strained the healthcare system around the globe and there is an enhanced need for medical services and health care workers. According to WHO, the best defence against the outbreak is a strong health system. The medical service providers need to make tremendous changes in their working model to adapt to the situation in the best possible manner. 

The biggest steps taken by the Medical services during the Covid-19 Pandemic are:

  1. Prioritizing on service delivery
    To accommodate the ever-increasing patients of Covid-19, the medical service providers now need to close unnecessary operations or the ones which could be delayed to make room for the critical patients of Covid-19. Only the essential services are provided which require urgent attention. The health services now need to be well managed and properly organized to ensure equitable access to emergency services.
  2. Move Online
    The need of the hour for the doctors is to move the services online or on the phones. At times there are several patients who could be treated through simple prescriptions. So instead of inviting them to the hospital or the clinic, the doctors can work on prescribing them the medicines so that the patients don’t have to step outside. Staying at home is highly important to control the spread of deadly Covid-19.
  3. New Medical Equipment
    The more serious patients of Covid-19 require the use of ventilators. To control the disease, different types of medical equipment and protective gear is required by the medical staff. They need to protect themselves as well from the disease while treating the patient. Therefore, all necessary steps should be taken by the medical services that enough equipment is available with every medical service provider and that there is no unnecessary hoarding of medical supplies. The doctors have to wear special clothes and keep their bodies covered all the time to save themselves.
  4. Separate Isolation Wards
    The patients of Covid-19 are kept in a special isolation ward to avoid the spread of the disease. The disease is highly communicable and keeping the infected patients along with others can risk the life of uninfected people. Special wards or separate hospitals are made which are regularly sanitized so that the number of cases does not increase.
  5. Research about the Possible Cure
    Another important thing which the medical services need to do is to research about this pandemic and find a possible cure for it. Since this virus is new and there is no possible cure, thousands of people have died and millions of people are at the risk of being infected. New research and discoveries are required so that a vaccine or any other cure can be developed for the disease.

    The workload of the medical service providers has increased tremendously. An in between all this, they also need to take care of the official filing requirements for every patient. People often get the treatment done through the insurance policies and proper billing and filing are required to get the reimbursements. With the doctors already working on double shifts to handle the patients, it becomes practically impossible for them to look after the medical billing and coding.

Billing and coding with Medeye services

The medical service providers can considerably decrease the workload by outsourcing the billing and coding services to a professional agency. Though there have been a few relief measures provided by the government, still the basic procedures remain the same. The medical staffs need revenue to continue the services and arrange for the needs of medical staff as well as the medical equipment. This makes the process of billing and coding highly essential.

With Medeye, the hospitals can leave the work of coding and billing on experts and concentrate on treating the patients. The team of experts assigns the required codes according to the services provided to every patient and submits the same to the insurance company to get the maximum reimbursement quickly.