How to Improve Physical Therapy Billing

Improve Physical Therapy Billing

Physical therapists have their own set of billing difficulties. As a physical therapist, your aim is majorly to treat people and heal them in the best possible way however nothing is possible without earning money. For running the practice, earning money is essential and therefore proper billing with the right codes and promptly is necessary. Every physical therapist needs to optimize the profit to avoid headaches and work simply and seamlessly but with the new rules and regulations, the physical therapy billing process has become a little complicated and new regulations have been added which need to be complied with to get the payment. Some tips to improve the physical therapy billing are:

Document the Reason Properly

According to the new CPT codes, it is essential to specify the complexity of the problem i.e. whether it is low, moderate or high. So while providing your bills, document the problem correctly and support the findings with proper symptoms and documents. To get the bills cleared well in time, you must document the causes properly. Also, specify the area of the body or the specific muscles where the physical therapy is to be performed. The codes should support the areas of the body on which the therapy is performed.

Document the Time of Therapy Properly

When it comes to physical therapy, the time for the same should be properly specified and it should be according to the insurance provider i.e. in the format required by the provider. Different patients are given the therapy for different periods and for billing the time properly from the insurance companies, the time must be recorded accurately and properly. Otherwise, it may lead to unnecessary delays.

Know about the Application of Modifier 59

This modifier 59 is used when the same provider performs two timed procedures in two different blocks of time on the same day so for that case instead of using two different codes, the same codes are used for the billing. Such coding should be done properly to get timely reimbursement.

Enhance your Efficiency

Every physical therapist wants that they should not have to spend a lot of time on billing but then they also want quick reimbursement. For that, it is important to send the claims electronically rather than via papers and submit the claims very promptly most probably within the first 24 hours.

Be Aware of all the Details

Educate yourself and your staff about the insurance verification process as it is very important to know whether the patient has a valid insurance claim or not and whether the services to be provided are covered under the claim or not. Before actually treating the patient, it is necessary to clarify the details to make sure that you will receive the payment from the insurance company. Also, the patients might ask several questions regarding the insurance policy so it is important to know about the basic details.

The most important thing about the billing process is to ensure that the claims are made properly without missing anything and in a timely manner. Prompt submissions with all the necessary documents ensure that you receive the payments in a timely manner. It is essential that all the insurance regulations are complied with properly and the insurance policies are verified well in advance.

Medeye LLC is one of the most efficient Medical Billing Company which provides the best services to all medical practitioners. It can completely relieve the medical service providers from the stress of bill filing, sending reminders and receiving the payments.

  • All the claims are submitted within 24 hours to ensure timely payment.
  •  Along with that, the company has a record of getting 95% claims paid up for the very first time. 
  • The company ensures maximum reimbursement from the insurance company as well as the patient by sending them constant reminders. 
  • It also helps you enter accurate ICD-10 and CPT coding so that no claim is rejected by the insurance company. 
  • It also verifies the insurance of the patients before they are treated to make sure that there is no payment default.

In the case of physical therapy, the codes are very complicated and at times the same patients are treated with different codes, more than two patients are treated at the same time, etc. Such complications make it difficult for medical service providers to determine the right code. It leads to wastage of time, money and efforts. Medeye, on the other hand, has experienced teams who are well versed with the coding process and they work closely with your team to make sure that everything is done perfectly. 


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