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Medeye LLC provides a comprehensive medical billing services in hawaii which provides a complete end-to-end medical claim processing solutions. Medeye was founded in 2005 serving physicians, medical practice groups and small hospitals who wanted to outsource their billing services. Since then we have expanded our service portfolio to include: credentialing, insurance verification and authorization, team and provider enrollment. Currently we are headquartered in the USA and serving medical billing services in California, Wisconsin, Florida to name a few.

Investing the management of your practice's receivables to an experienced and competent billing service like Medeye is vital. We provide expertise, dedication and proficiency in billing and coding management services. At Medeye, hawaii we offer the quality and professionalism you expect and the maximum reimbursement you deserve.

Obtain Our Wide Range of Services

Medeye multi speciality billers and coders work at 95% accuracy when it comes to consistent quality & timely completion. As an ideal billing partner, our main focus is to increase your collection rate and speed up your billing process.

Backed by a professional team working for 15 years, our services include preparation and submission of relevant claims, preparation of patient statements, timely follow up of outstanding claims, appointment scheduling, insurance verification and authorization.

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Benefits of Outsourcing with Medeye LLC

Wide Range of Specialities currently offers 30+ specialist all across the U.S. Some of the specialities which our Hawaii medical billers are specialized in medical billing for dermatology and Rheumatology

Save Time and Money: You can get more time and concentrate on patients rather than spending time on administrative tasks. It is always a good business decision to spend time on core business competencies which is quality patient care. This will help you save a lot as you will be outsourcing to a third party, rather than paying monthly salaries to the in-house team.

No Capital Investments: When a company outsources medical claim processing it no longer has to buy the billing software or any of the latest equipment.You no longer deal with expensive software upgrades. As you do not own a complete billing system, the expenses are greatly reduced, and in many cases, they can get started easily without any initial capital investments.

Guaranteed Accuracy, Turnaround Time: Medeye LLC guarantees our coding accuracy and turnaround time which helps to minimize the costs and hassles for physicians.

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We would love to hear from you. If you would like more information on how we can help you with your billing services in Hawaii US, call us on 877-386-3291 or email us at We will get in touch with you at the earliest.