Medical Billing Services in Louisiana


Running medical billing services in Louisiana and maintaining efficient billing and coding becomes quite demanding. Previous decades have been quite challenging for the healthcare industry. Physicians have been serving patients, but at the same time insurance reimbursements for medical care have been drastically reducing. Researchers have proven that around 25% - 30% of medical income is lost due to under pricing or claims which have not been reimbursed.

Serving for over 15 years for medical billing services in california and Washington - Medeye LLC focuses only on quality patient care. Our medical billers are located throughout Louisiana which can make your practice more profitable. With extensive experience in healthcare business, Medeye billers possess qualities to minimize your cost and improve reimbursement cash flow.

Choose Full Revenue Cycle Management Services with Medeye LLC

You can choose the level of service that is best for you! We provide services for all areas covered under medical industry like provider enrollment, credentialing, payer contracting, insurance verification & eligibility, claim submission, patient collections and appointment scheduling. As you look for a healthcare solutions partner, you will come across many billing and coding companies offering you standard benefits.

Medeye LLC understands that technology advancement in healthcare is growing, which means that the dependency of paperwork is waving off. Besides helping healthcare practices, we also focus on reducing payer denial and eliminating human resource problems.

  • Pay as low as 3% of the collected amount
  • All claims submitted within 24 hours
  • 99% claims paid the first time
  • 100% claims follow-up for fastest receivable

Expertise in Medical Billing Specialities

Our billing specialists have worked with physicians with a wide variety of domains. Learn more about some of our top solutions offered in Louisiana with medical billing for general surgery benign top in Louisiana. Let's look at a few top specialties like general surgery, dermatology, psychology, pulmonology etc across the U.S

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